We offer comprehensive branding packages for those looking to launch their new business, complete a overhaul, or just evolve their current branding.

What's included in a Branding Package?

Optional Add-ons

Who are these packages best suited for?

Get it right early on

New Brands & Start-ups

It is important for any fresh business to put their best foot forward, taking the time to build the foundation for their business to succeed and grow into the future.

Focusing on branding is crucial for any new brand that wants to establish itself in the market and build a strong presence.

Time to take the next step

Established Brands

Brands often outgrow or no longer reflect their values, products, or target audience. Rebranding may help better appeal to your target audience and reflect the relevant product or service offerings.

Rebranding can be a valuable strategy for a brand to stay relevant and competitive in the market, or that needs to make a significant change to its direction or image.

Refresh & Development

Growing Brands

Often a brand refresh to revitalise your brand’s image is all that’s needed. Typically less drastic than a full rebranding effort, refreshing your brand can still have a significant impact on how your brand is perceived by customers.

A brand refresh can be a valuable way for a brand to update and revitalize its image, while still maintaining its core identity.

Do your brand justice

Good branding will cost you.
Bad branding will cost you more.


What does the process for a branding package look like?
Brand Discovery

We kick off the project by outlining the scope and timeline for the project. We will establish specific milestones for the project and agree on a schedule for check-ins to ensure timely delivery of your new branding package.


Following the kick off meeting, we will send you a short questionnaire to fill out to better understand where your brand is now, and where you would like it to be.

Brand Research & Exploration

Internally, we’ll begin to carry out research and analysis on how to position your brand, completing competitor and market research.

Brand Concept Development

In this phase, we will present you with 2-3 visual directions for your brand, including logo style, typography combinations, and colour scheme. These options will be carefully selected based on our research and analysis of your brand positioning.

Brand Refinement

We will work to fine-tune the selected brand identity concept, striving to create a final product that exceeds your expectations.


You’ll be asked to review and provide feedback on the concept. Included in this phase are 2 rounds of revisions based on your input.

Brand Rollout (optional)

If you requested any additional brand add-ons such as social media assets, this is where we will apply your final brand identity to your brand collateral.

Brand Guidelines & Master Files

You will receive a brand style guide and a master folder containing all the logo files, fonts, and design elements. The brand styleguide will provide guidelines for ensuring that all future marketing materials are consistent with your new brand identity.

Brand Activation

You’re ready to launch your brand! Upon final approval of the files, you will be billed for the final installment of the project.


Our branding packages start from $3,000 + GST but can vary depending on your brand requirements and needs.

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